Course update: Module 1 videos

March 17, 2017

Level up your CSS animation skills just got better with all new videos for Module 1, “Build an animated hero header”.

Enjoy professionally produced videos and learn how to bring your static web sites to life. This update brings you over 45 minutes of practical, step by step lessons - and it’s just the start.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Module #1 includes:

  • What is a hero header?
  • Why should we use CSS to animate it?
  • How to always create smooth animations
  • How to create sets of keyframes
  • Creating your own cubic-bezier timing functions
  • Controlling animations with “animation-play-state”
  • Reusing keyframes in multiple animations
  • and more!

Next steps

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I’m working on some fantastic downloads and cheat sheets for the module, which will arrive soon. Be sure to follow on Twitter for more updates!