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CSS Animation 101

CSS Animation 101

Become a CSS animation expert with an email and a few minutes each day

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Animation using CSS can be overwhelming to learn all at once.

This course breaks up lessons into 20 emails. Each one should take around 10 minutes to read and a few minutes to follow through the homework. By mixing theory with practical lessons, you’ll learn how, and why to use animation on your web pages.

Note: You can now get this course as a FREE book here.

By the end of four weeks you will have a good understanding of CSS transitions and animations, and how to apply them to your work.

CSS Animation 101 was the perfect primer for anyone who’s looking to add animations to their websites. It was the perfect balance of theory and practical examples and I recommend it highly. Andrew Clarke, author of Hardboiled Web Design

You will get

  • A total of 20 emails over 4 weeks (one each weekday)
  • Loads of code and project examples (on CodePen)
  • Download cheatsheet for CSS animation and transitions
  • Help and support every step of the way from Donovan himself
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Who this course is for

This course is for people who build for the web and want to add animation to their designs and sites. A bit of basic CSS knowledge is needed but I won’t assume any knowledge of transitions or animations. We’ll start with the basics, and through a mix of theory and practical examples, learn all about transitions and animation.


Week 1

What is animation, and why should you animate? During the first week we'll learn what animation can bring and get started with some resources you'll find useful.

Week 2

All about transitions. This week we get into the CSS and begin with the "transition" property, with examples and step by step tutorials.

Week 3

Animations. This week introduces keyframes and using them with the "animation" property. Theory and practical examples will illustrate how to best use these.

Week 4

Putting it all together. This week we'll learn how to integrate animation into a design workflow, and work through several advanced examples that use both animations and transitions.

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Note: You can now get this course as a FREE book here.

Pay what you want?

That's right. Read the testimonials. This course has helped hundreds of people but I'd like to help more. There's now no excuse to learn CSS Animation.

Stuck deciding how much you want to pay? Here's some suggestions:

  • $0 - Want to give the course a go, but don't know if it's for you? Sure why not. You can always come back and top up if you feel it's been worth it!
  • $20 - If you can pay this much, you'll be helping me keep the server running and pay for the services needed to run the site. Thank you!
  • $100 - Now you're talking. I'll be able to invest in more translations, and put more time into creating great CSS Animation tutorials for you to read!
  • $200+ - You're the best! Not only will I be able to create more tutorials, I may even be able to pay people to add their own knowledge! Thank you!

It's up to you. The main thing is, I'm just happier that even more people will get to enjoy and be inspired by this course, regardless of how much they can pay. Give it a go. And don't just take my word for it, check out these testimonials:

I'm really enjoying the #cssAnimation101 class with @donovanh. Couldn't recommend it more highly. Just right in every way! Liz Myers
I loved that this course provided context for the samples provided in the lessons. I learned new concepts, as well as where and when to apply the techniques. Maile Valentine
I had so much fun with this course! I loved the interactive demos, they helped me use what I learned right away and got me thinking creatively about all the cool things I can do with animation. Marie Mosley
CSS Animation 101 is the perfect example of a well structured, well paced and entertaining course. After just the first few lessons you’ll find that CSS animation has become an every day part of your web design! Ian Yates
This course was very accessible to anyone, regardless of their experience level. I found it easy to follow along and learn. Brian Rinaldi
Can't recommend this enough. Brilliant lessons, convenient format and great value for money. It's a must! Ronan Costello
I wanted to learn how to use CSS animation in my own work but I had no idea where to start. Donovan's course is like a filter for all the important and useful information, as well as best practice tips. Totally recommend it! Gemma Cagney
A fantastic resource, I was able to put what I learned into practice straight away. The course did exactly what I hoped it would and taught me about transitions and animations. Dave Larkan
I loved it! It was great that I could do things at my own pace, it's really nice to have all the emails to go back and review. Melanie Kinney
If you want to get better at CSS Animations, you should sign up for this course. It will take you from basic to advanced concepts explaining the inner workings of CSS Animations. It is both useful and fun. Zoran Jambor
CSS Animation 101 was superb. I learn by doing and this course hit the nail on the head. Exceptional. Brian Kenny
20 amazing emails over 4 weeks all on CSS animations will turn you into a pro in no time. Couldn't recommend it enough. Jake Bresnehan
This is a well written, well presented, introduction to some of the newer and cooler features of modern CSS. Loved it. Michael Flanaghan
Donovan’s CSS Animation 101 course is a great way to start using CSS animations. The course is well laid out and the lessons are doable on a daily basis. Donovan is great at explaining and demonstration how the code works and shows examples of how and when to use animation. Well worth the investment! Maureen Denny
@donovanh's CSS animation course kicks ass!!!! Ioana Manoliu
This course rocks. Transitions and animations totally make sense now. After taking this course I can make animated buttons and navigation. I can animate elements on scroll. I understand animation performance requirements. I can do complex animations with multiple keyframes. Everyone at work wants me to do all the animations on their projects now. If you are looking to level up your CSS animation skills, I would highly recommend taking this course. Ben Gandhi-Shepard

About Donovan

Donovan Hutchinson is the creator and author of the posts here on CSS Animation, and has also been published in Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Adobe Inspire, Modern Web, Learnsome.co and others.

Donovan is a purveyor of fine CSS and an absolute joy to work with Craig Lockwood

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Money back guarantee

It is important to me that you find this course helpful and inspiring. If you find the course isn’t right for you, or doesn’t live up to your hopes, let me know at any stage I will refund your fee immediately.

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