🎉 Module 3 is live! 🎉

May 21, 2017

​Hello there! This is a quick update to let you know that I’ve added another 44 minutes of videos to the course Level up your CSS animation skills. Module 3 is officially live! You can check it out right now.

This is a great module. We’ll be putting on our JavaScript hats and creating a function that attaches a class to visible elements on the screen. We can use this to animate, show or hide elements as visitors scroll our pages. Along the way we’ll animate an article about making pizza, and even fly to the moon. (If you spot the theme, tweet @cssanimation to let me know!)

What’s that? Examples you say!?

Sure - check out what we’re building in this module. Firstly we’re animating elements on scroll on this article.

We’re also bringing parallax to this flight to the moon. 🚀

Topics include:

  • Scroll animations… (1m 50s)
  • Animating content on scroll (14m 52s)
  • Animating a slide-in banner (6m 17s)
  • Parallax scrolling (10m 57s)
  • Mouse-leave animation (10m 40s)

I’m working on a final part containing examples to download and use on your projects. Stay tuned for another update when the examples are done!​

Enjoy! I hope you find this module helpful. It was a load of fun to create!

While you’re here…

I wanted to ask. Do you know anyone who might enjoy learning about CSS animation? If so, please let them know about the course! If you like, you can give them a 20% discount with the code “friend”. We’re all friends here after all!

Here’s a link with the 20% discount included! Spread the word.

Have a lovely week!